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A home is a world on its own. It is the world where you rule, where you run away from the earthly problem and have a time by yourself. It brings forth an incredible feeling owning one. For this reason people look for the best location to own one and then go on to get what really makes them tick, their style, and their kind of residence. The magic that comes with owning a beautiful home is just unimaginable. Like magnificent Acqualina Miami Residences.  It is the feeling that makes you want to give hints while having a conversation so that people can ask you about it, then you have to flaunt. I think you already got my point. Next stop: Kenilworth Bal Harbour. It’s one of the best areas to get yourself some real estate. The best thing about it is it has all you need to live, raise a family, go on vacation or even retire. Allow me to break it all down for you.

Location factor

It’s needless to explain the importance of location such as Bal Harbour Real Estate , Sunny Isles real estate and Miami Beach real estate. when we talk about real estate. The exclusiveness of a location can determine the price market of your home. Close your eyes and picture a posh location, luxurious, with the sound of the ocean and its breeze being the first thing that hits your face every morning. Yes, that’s what you get when you buy a condominium in Kenilworth Bal Harbour or ST Regis Bal Habour or Oceana Bal Harbour, ONE Bal Habour . The area is exclusive, calm and beautiful paradise. The location only is enough to convince you that the investment you are hesitant to make will be profitable in a couple of years.

The neighborhood is all luxury-the infrastructure, buildings just breathtaking. The development that has been done so far is all cutting edge architecture that is well placed to make sure that whatever condo you buy, the sun gets to all your rooms.

A bit about the location you should know

The location in Miami-Dade County is a village incorporated in 1946. It has a council-manager type of government that has a mayor, a village manager and a village clerk. The area is about 0.6 square miles with an elevation of 0 ft above sea level (its just next to the sea). It has a population of approximately 3500 people ( 2513 as of 2010).

Homes in the area

This is a residence that has been dominated by condominiums and penthouses. You’ll see developments such as Estates at Acqualina, Armani Residences, Ritz-Carlton Sunny Isles, Muse Sunny Isles.  To be quite frank with you, it just fits the type of architecture in place. There are condominiums of all sizes, from a 2 bedroom to a humongous 5 bedroom. The interior space is between 190-250 m2 depending on both your taste and a bit of luck. The pricing also differs but this is a different field all together that I can’t wait to tell later in this article. The condos are all luxurious, with fabulous interior and exterior designs. Customization of the condos depends solely on your agreement with the real estate company selling it to you. You can always expand attention to details in the residences in Jade Signature, Aurora Sunny Isles, Turnberry Ocean Club, Regalia Miami, Chateau Beach Residences, Mansions at Acqualina. They could decide to throw in a couple of designs depending on what you ask of them.

Penthouses are on a whole new level. If you want one, probably the one on the top most floor of the apartment building, all you have to do is get yourself there and choose. They are a bit limited (not a surprise owing to the worth they have) but not a task getting one. The pricing also be featured in this article.


Slimfy reviews

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Beautiful transformation
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